Streamlined Co-Managed IT

Virtualy expand your IT service desk through a seamless interface that links to NTM.

Streamlined Co-Managed IT is a platform that allows IT organizations to work seamlessly with NTM to offer end users a silent technology experience.  NTM delivers a centralized platform that contains contracts, specifications, warranties on all things technical up to and including, phones, computers, servers, switches, mobile devices, software, printers and connectivity.  It also includes automation of most mundane tasks that IT experts hate doing or don’t have the time to do.  It makes a team 50% better and allows companies to protect themselves against staff turnover.

StreamlineIT puts the power of the most popular IT automation software solution at your fingertips, allowing you to easily escalate tickets to our service desk and keep everything on track.

Co-Managed IT Benefits:

Retain complete control over your IT service issues; you decide when tickets get escalated to our service desk.

Immediate Access to additional IT services when and where you need them. StreamlineIT automatically routes internal tickets or lets you manually escalate to us.

Happy employees, with the ability to track the progress and status of their IT requests quickly and easily.

Focus on your core business, not IT requests and unhappy end-users, since your IT resources become more productive in managing these requests.

What can Streamlined IT do?

A full-featured version of StreamlineIT delivers the functionality you need to enhance your service desk operations.

Your Employees

Employees enter requests online or simply send an email, which automatically becomes an open request in the ticket system.

Co-Managed IT Service Desk

Your IT staff receives the ticket request and determines if it will be serviced internally or escalated to our service desk.

Our Team

Our team services the ticket and you are automatically updated on status through the ticket system.

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