Whether you’re a startup or growing your business, you must safeguard your interests. Partnering with a dedicated IT firm to manage your network, servers, computers, and other technological and cybersecurity needs can help you operate at peak efficiency.

In addition to technical support, you may consider partnering with a managed services provider to gain access to specialized expertise and new technology or reduce in-house costs by outsourcing your IT services.

Whatever your reasons for considering managed services, choosing the right provider is critical – learn the top 10 things to look for.

24/7 IT Support Availability

Cyber attacks, threats, and other technical incidents can occur at anytime, and your business operations depend on a timely response. Regardless of the technology solutions or unique services included, it is critical for any IT managed services provider (MSP) to be available at any time and provide assistance whenever you need them. This means 24/7 remote and on-site support and not just an on-call team.

Quality Helpdesk Support

While most of your team uses technology daily, not all members have technical skills or a background in network management. A good managed services company should provide a helpdesk that can troubleshoot issues. Knowledgeable helpdesk staff can make a difference for you and your team members.

Budget Planning

Partnering with a managed services provider means integrating their technologies and services into your core business operations. However, every aspect of managed IT has a cost, from laying cable and installing hardware to configuring your operating systems and managing your Microsoft 365 accounts.

A quality MSP should be invested in your success and work with you to plan an IT budget that benefits both parties.

Data Backups and Cloud Services

Backing your data up in the cloud is now an industry standard that provides many of the same benefits as traditional data-center backups for a small fraction of the costs. Partnering with an MSP means the days of investing in costly backup server racks and infrastructure management costs are in the past.

Whether you are a newly-established startup or looking to migrate your on-site data into the cloud, your MSP partner should have the resources to help you every step of the way.

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Disaster Recovery Planning

A critical aspect of IT management is ensuring your business has a network security and cyberthreat prevention plan. Cyberattacks can occur at any moment, and some may succeed even against companies that took steps to protect themselves.

For this reason, your MSP should help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, allowing you to resume business operations, recover your data, and return to normal as soon as possible.

Relationships with Business Technology Vendors

One of the essential roles of a managed services provider is to provide clients access to crucial tools and services. Established companies should have relationships with trusted technology vendors and partners.

Check who your local companies have worked with in the past, as it will determine the tools and processes you’ll use if you select them as your partner.

Proactive Testing and Continuous Monitoring

The role of an MSP doesn’t end after installing your equipment and setting up your devices, nor should it. A quality service provider should offer regular equipment testing, not just once after setting up.

Additionally, they should provide you with a comprehensive cybersecurity package, including continuous monitoring for malware, intrusions, and other threats.

Upgrade, Maintenance, and Technical Consultation Services

Most companies focus on growing and creating great products and services, leaving little time to address non-business tasks, such as device and network maintenance. However, failing to keep your technology in working order increases the risk of a technical issue or a cyber-attack, worsening the potential disruptions.

A quality MSP is more than just a repair team; they should offer maintenance and IT consultation services so you can continue focusing on your business operations.

Quality partners keep your systems, software, and other technologies up-to-date while offering guidance and recommendations on how best to upgrade, adapt, and modify your systems and networks to meet your evolving needs. A team who takes a proactive not reactive approach.

On-Site Support

Sometimes, the technical problems that arise require direct, local intervention within your company’s premises. When that happens, the best team for the job is the team that helped you install and set up your equipment in the past.

Always ensure the MSP you partner with offers on-site support and tailored assistance whenever you need a technician on the premises.

Costs and Billing Structure

One of the primary reasons why companies entrust their technological needs to a managed services provider is to save money. Smaller businesses simply can’t allocate funds and resources to a full-time, internal IT team.

A quality MSP should work with you to review your operational needs and discuss your financial requirement. A partner with your best interests in mind will offer a package that suits your needs at a reasonable price and with a billing schedule you can meet.

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