IT support services, often referred to as tech support, can be a critical lifeline for any company or business, regardless of size or computing needs. IT managed solutions handle technology disruptions and provide break-fix support. They also offer support services to maintain the long-term reliability and usability of your hardware, software, and technology solutions.

Discover nine fundamental ways IT support services can assist your business or organization and help you and your staff remain focused on core business tasks.

Complex Technical Support

An IT support team can do more than fix occasional disruptions interrupting your business. The extensive technical expertise at their disposal allows them to analyze your computer systems and networks to find and address more complex issues.

IT support teams have access to tools such as mind-mapping software to represent and structure information regarding your systems visually. These tools also help identify the root causes of problems within your network and design long-term solutions.

Practical examples include:

  • Identifying and patching security vulnerabilities
  • Addressing processing power weaknesses with newer and more powerful hardware
  • Helping your business migrate to cloud computing services
  • Installing new software and communication channels to improve your team members’ efficiency

Cyber Threat Security Services

Another essential service most IT support teams offer is cybersecurity services. Their knowledge of the latest cyber threats and how to combat them efficiently allows them to provide efficient cybersecurity advice and resources to businesses and staff members.

An IT support team can install and configure anti-virus, anti-malware, and other cyber threat protection systems on your organization’s devices. They can also keep them updated and maintained on your behalf.

Another aspect of an IT team’s security services includes education and training to recognize phishing, avoid scam emails, and best practices against ransomware. With the information and training dedicated IT staff provide, your internal teams and personnel can play an active role in your organization’s data security.

Cyber security service

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that allows businesses to access computing resources over the internet rather than relying on physical servers and hardware. This enables businesses to access a range of services, including software applications, storage, and processing power, without investing in and maintaining physical infrastructure. This approach reduces costs and frees up resources for other projects.

NTM offers a complete suite of cloud-based solutions to help your company transition from onsite to cloud servers for enhanced tech asset handling. We can assist you in migrating to remote business data hosting and email archiving, adopting Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, and seamlessly integrating your data and assets into the cloud.

Our team is experienced in managing these transitions and ensuring a smooth and efficient process for your business. Using NTM cloud computing services can help your business operate flexibly, increasing scalability and cost-effectiveness for faster company growth.

Data Management Services

IT support teams have individuals with extensive knowledge and experience in data management. Consequently, they can become your organization’s data experts, ensuring your company data is secure from outside threats and properly organized.

Competent IT support teams will analyze your workflows and business goals to build a data management system that meets your needs and objectives. They will also create a robust data backup solution and schedule, keeping your data safe and forming the basis of an efficient disaster recovery plan.

Continuous System Monitoring

Expert IT support teams offer continuous monitoring of your networks and devices.
With security packages such as a Network Operations Center (NOC) or a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), an IT support team can continuously monitor the status of your organization’s networks on your behalf, ensuring they run as smoothly as possible.

They can watch for and prevent potential technical problems, intrusions, and other disruptions before they can affect your operations, providing you with the peace of mind you need.

Software and Hardware Management

Businesses rely heavily on software and hardware to operate; however, managing and maintaining these assets can be daunting for many companies. IT support companies provide software and hardware management services to help businesses maintain their IT infrastructure effectively.

Software management services include tasks such as software installation, updates, and patching. IT support companies can also help businesses manage software licenses, ensuring they comply with licensing agreements.

IT support companies help businesses select, install, and configure the appropriate hardware for their needs and provide ongoing maintenance and support. This can help companies ensure that their hardware functions optimally and reduce the risk of hardware failures.

NTM provides Software as a Service (SaaS) and Hardware as a Service (HaaS). Our SaaS service eliminates the need to install and configure software locally, allowing you to use the programs and services directly from the cloud. HaaS services mean the provider handles installation, configuration, and updates for all your hardware, peripherals, cabling, and accessories.

Software Patching

Cyberattackers are constantly changing their approach to infiltrating IT systems. New viruses and malware can detect software weaknesses and vulnerabilities, providing an easy entry point into your system. Ensuring your software is up-to-date helps the program run more smoothly for better productivity and protects against novel cyber threats.

At NTM, we also offer patch management service, which automatically updates and maintains your company’s operating systems, business software, and other equipment to eliminate potential vulnerabilities cyber attackers could exploit. Our service is designed to reduce operational downtime and ensure that patching and updating processes do not disrupt your normal business operations.

Refined Customer Service

IT support services can help you enhance your organization’s communication channels with your customers.

For example, if your business relies on telephone help desks for customer support, an IT team can enhance your call center’s capabilities with a hosted phone solution and cloud-based software integrations. These solutions allow your team to respond to customer calls with any microphone-equipped device, enhancing flexibility, response times, and customer satisfaction.

Other customer service communication tools include notification systems and 24/7 live chat or support chatbots, which an IT team can deploy, configure, and maintain according to your business needs. These systems keep customers engaged and more likely to have a positive experience.


Automation, or infrastructure automation services, refers to IT processes and software that create repeatable instructions and execute them automatically. Automation reduces the need for human IT staff to monitor and perform actions within the system, eliminating repetitive tasks and costly labor.

NTM provides companies with a managed IT solutions package that studies your workflows to identify tedious or repetitive tasks. We look for ways to improve or streamline these workflows with automation, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks.

Partner with NTM, a Managed IT Support Service Provider You Can Trust

Finding the right IT support partner is essential to leverage the full extent of their services and enhance your business operations, workflow efficiency, and data security. A comprehensive IT support package should include these nine essential aspects and many other services to ensure your organization’s growth.

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