While you’re producing and helping customers...

…you need someone looking out for you. To do so you need IT infrastructure and systems that are secure, reliable, streamlined and scalable so you can keep your sights on your clients and your plants.

Do you need help with the following?


Monitoring and managing when and whom has access to your storefronts and facilities (especially during COVID)?


Establishing and maintaining regulatory compliance, as it pertains to your operations, state and the cannabis industry at large, including payment card industry (PCI)?


Cloud-based and onsite backups, disaster recovery and business continuity planning?


Integrating multiple systems including your seed-to-sale customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sale (POS) systems and other line of business (LOB) applications to maximize operational efficiencies?


Managing multiple IT, internet, email and phone vendors?


Tracking and responding to what is happening inside your storefronts and facilities 24/7?


Preventing and responding to cybersecurity threats and data breaches?


Setting up reliable and fast internet to prevent downtimes and other work interruptions?


Making sure that your legacy storage devices and systems are compatible with your newer technologies? Or upgrading your hardware as needed?


Keeping your team trained to increase IT competencies and adoption while reducing errors?


Getting quick and expert IT support whenever you need it?


We’ll help you increase security, accessibility, standardization, efficiency, productivity and connectivity across your seed-to-sale operations and pipeline.

You Need Turnkey, Streamlined IT Solutions

We make your technology as easy as 1-2-3. This means we design, supply, build and install fully complete and ready to operate information technology systems.  

We offer a wide range of services including cloud-based cybersecurity, access control and video surveillance systems, hosted email, VoIP, structured cabling and more to meet your various cannabis seed to shelf needs. 



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Access Control & Video Surveillance Systems

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Help Desk & Support

Cloud Services

Vendor Management

Mobile Device Support

Network Infrastructure


Documentation Management


24/7 Monitoring

Proactive Maintenance


Regulatory compliance





Managed Communications

email, telephone networks

Fast, reliable bandwidth and cabling


“He basically dug us out of a hole. He helped us create an opportunity for our clientThere was no internet service available at the location. He brought such an incredible solution to the client that would have taken us quite a while to accommodate. He did it quickly, efficiently and on time. The budget was right where we needed it to be. Everything he committed to, he did and then some. He was just really easy to work with before, during and after the project. We couldn’t have been happier.”


Darlene P.

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