Easy, efficient technology installation

You can say goodbye to headaches involved with purchasing and installing technology at your business.

Our managed service packages include NTM’s friendly staff ordering, configuring and installing all the tech you need at a competitive price. NTM will also recycle and properly dispose of old gear.

This level of all-inclusive service is UNMATCHED in the IT sector, and our orders typically include computers, switches, routers, firewall, servers, Wi-Fi, printers and copiers. When our installation is complete, you have the confidence of knowing our systems will work together seamlessly to help your business run more efficiently and with the proper level of security.

Every business is different, so we work with each client on a case-by-case basis, then design a package that’s fit for your needs.

Our hardware comes from well-respected companies including: Dell, HP, Cisco, Fortinet, Edgemarc, Toshiba and Lexmarx.

Rental Replacement:

Another equipment option NTM offers is rental instead of purchasing. Benefits include:

Keeps your equipment up-to-date. All tech equipment will become obsolete. With a rental, never worry about the financial burden of replacing outdated equipment. Trade in for the newer, faster model.

Predictable monthly costs. With Rental Replacement, you have a pre-determined monthly line item and can budget more effectively.

No upfront costs. Choosing rental over an outright purchase allows you to maintain a tight budget and predictable payment without worrying about depreciation.


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