As the cyber-physical threat landscape continues to expand and evolve, it’s essential to have a trustworthy and experienced partner by your side.

Unfortunately, according to Panda Security, “the cybersecurity workforce shortage stubbornly persists into 2021…with 56% of organizations reporting a shortage of cybersecurity staff in 2020.”

However, physical and cyber threats will continue to grow so it’ll be critical that you find a security partner with the right kind of experiences.

Here’s what to look for in a security partner:

Deep technical understanding of both physical and cybersecurity.

Cyber-physical threats will continue to overlap in ways that will require expert knowledge to address potential vulnerabilities. It’s best to have one partner who can do both, then have to juggle multiple relationships.

Ability to work on securing a range of line of business (lob) software including emrs, ehrs, crms, mrps, erps and pos.

Your LOBs are critical to the operations and success of your companies. Without them you literally can’t work. You need a partner that understands the importance your LOBs as much as you do.

Knowledge of regulatory compliance as it pertains to your operations, including payment card industry (pci) and industry.

Depending on your industry, regulatory compliance is a must and failures to comply can result in fines or other disciplinary penalties. It helps to have a partner who can help ensure your compliance and prevent expensive fees.

Experience with a diverse client base and various industries

It’s important that they have decades of experience in a variety of industries. This means they’re seen and solved a lot of security problems and have a wealth of knowledge to access and rely on when it comes to your security.

Skilled in educating non-technical workers on cybersecurity and other technology topics

The ultimate goal of any security partner is to prevent a data breach in the first place. To accomplish this, their strategies need to include educating your staff on the newest cyber-attacks to the scene.

Excellent customer support and rapid response time

When you need help, you need it now. Make sure they have enough staff employed to address customer needs in a timely fashion. Check out there about us page on their website to get a better idea of how many people they have on their helpdesk.

Great communication and interpersonal skills

It’s important that you feel safe with and can trust that your partner understands your business, hears your concerns and clearly explains how they’re going to address them.

You need 24/7 physical and cyber protection and support. If you’re looking for an experienced, trustworthy partner, contact us.


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