National Technology Management – New Website

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September 5, 2016
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September 12, 2016
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National Technology Management – New Website

National Technology Management Announces New Website and Partnership SureTo Help Grow Your Business

National TechnologyManagement (NTM) launches new website and now offers payments processingsolutions, point-of-sale solutions, and premium website/digital marketingservices

We provide outsourced IT services to your business.

But we also offer so much more to help you grow yourbusiness.

Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We weren’t satisfied with the typical “agency” or websitedesign process. To be blunt, it was painful.

We had a website we couldn’t update ourselves and felt likeevery time we wanted to change a comma in a sentence, it would cost us $1,000bucks.

We need to use the web to grow. We needed a website that’ssimple, streamlined, and leads our prospects down a path where you can find theinformation you need in order to make an educated buying decision.

So we redeveloped our website. But that’s not all.

Additional services, other than outsourced IT.

In the process of redesigning our website, we learned thatour website design company can help us at NTM offer you, our clients andprospects, services we don’t currently offer.

We now refer our clients and customers to one of ourpreferred partners, who can help you with services like payments processing,point-of-sale solutions, and premium website and inbound marketing.

Here’s some questions to ask, as a part of our new services:

  • Do you accept payments via ACH or credit card?
  • What are your rates? Are they competitive?
  • Do you work for or with a restaurant or bar that needs to take cash with more than just an old cash register?
  • Do you work for or with a boutique retailer that needs a point-of-sale system, to help grow their business?
  • Maybe you need E-Commerce help and have a dire need for a web provider to assist you with navigating the murky waters of shopping cart integrations?

At NTM, we want to be your IT provider that adds valuethrough multiple means. These services allow us to do that.

The bottom line.

If you’re looking forstatus quo, then look to one of our competitors. If you want value, high-levelcustomer service, and a partner that can help eliminate your IT problems, thenengage us. Through our process and our solutions at NTM, we’ll strive to becomethe only technology company that you’ll ever need.

National Technology Management - New Website,