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Once you decide to partner with us, we walk you through our streamlined process to make sure that all of your IT needs are covered.

This is where we gather data and intel to best understand the current state and needs of your IT infrastructure and systems.

This step kicks off with a thorough discovery and assessment process. If you’re on our MSP plan, we’ll run our Network Assessment Risk Report (NARR). If you’re looking to install or upgrade your physical security systems, we’ll perform an in-person assessment to become better acquainted with your property and any additional locations.  

Our objective is to dig in deep to discover and assess the current state of your IT and physical security infrastructure, hardware and operating systems including desktops and servers, configuration, storage and backup, switch, firewall and wirelessThis is the IT equivalent of getting an annual physical with your doctor.  

The NARR collects and communicates the following information:  


Risk Score

This represents your significant risks and potential issues 
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Internet Speed Test

This tests both your download and upload speeds

Issues Summary and Overall Issue Score

This compares the state of your IT, using such criteria as password protection, user login frequency, anti-spyware, anti-virus, etc., to industry-wide best practices for network health, performance, and security and “grades” you on the degree of issues in your environment.

Asset Summaries

This outlines and tallies up all of your hardware, including computers and servers, etc., user status and storage capabilities

Server and Workstation Aging

Since hardware is critical to effective cybersecurity protocols, we also assess how “old” your hardware is and whether it meets necessary safety requirements
We use the collected information to identify any gaps and cybersecurity vulnerabilities that will need to be addressed for your safety. Also, beginning in this step, and continuing throughout our entire process, we continuously document all your IT systems, processes, infrastructure to support our ongoing preventative monitoring process.

Once we have the entire picture of your IT infrastructure and systems as captured by the NARR, we schedule a meeting with you to share our findings, make sure all of your needs are covered and then, create an action plan.

This is where we evaluate your biggest cyber and physical security risks and gaps. Then, we create a customized plan of action to resolve any issues.

This is the part of the process where walk you through the evaluation of your IT hardware and systems. We outline the uncovered cybersecurity vulnerabilities as well as any gaps that are hurting your operational efficiency. Then, we walk you through our customized plan to address your risks and gaps and next steps to increasing your cybersecurity and IT operational efficiencies.

Once we receive your go-ahead, we begin preparations for executing the plan.

This is where we get to work On addressing your chronic IT Issues, streamline your efficiency, and improve your cybersecurity.

This is where we align your IT services with your business needs and goals. Highlights include:


Updating your software and devices

Eliminating your hardware bottlenecks


Improving your security and compliance posture

Migrating key services to the cloud or a secure on-site server


Offering additional security awareness education and training

to prevent your team from falling victim to social engineering schemes

This is where we proactively track your IT systems 24/7, perform preventative maintenance and apply IT services and cybersecurity best practices to push your efficiency and performance even farther.

We proactively monitor your systems to prevent data loss and downtime instead of reacting to problems. Basically, we’re constantly watching your systems for anything out of the ordinary.

Our remote monitoring system enables us to access and repair most network and computer support issues right from our office. This allows you to avoid expensive on-site fees while also receiving faster support.

During this ongoing monitoring and maintenance phase, you’ll receive our Monthly Client Full Executive Summary Report. This report outlines your progress on key metrics including number of closed tickets, category of tickets worked on, number of hours spent on resolving tickets and your thoughts on the quality of our support service.

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