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Our fully managed IT services plan is the perfect fit for you.

What are fully managed IT services?

Security and support begin from the ground up, which is what this plan is all about. We build out and manage your IT services, infrastructure and systems so that you know it’s safe, sound and high performing from the start.

Our landmark fully outsourced IT services embed cybersecurity best practices into every inch of your IT infrastructure and VoIP business phone systems.

Our SafeSecure Fully Managed IT Services Plan includes:

Managed Cybersecurity

You need everything monitored and alerted 24/7 so you can sleep well at night. That’s why we embed cybersecurity into every aspect of our services plan. You’ll get: 


Adherence to protocols

based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity standards  


Vulnerability risk assessments


Network penetration testing


Threat intelligence reports

Comprehension intrusion management

24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

and Security Operations Center (SOC) monitoring and alerting
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Microsoft and third-party patching

Antivirus and antimalware protection

Employees’ activities monitoring

Cybersecurity best practices implementation


Additional security awareness

and simulated phishing email trainings

Managed IT Infrastructure (On Premise and Cloud-Based) and Networks

Your focus is on your business and your clients. That’s why we ensure your IT infrastructure and network systems are efficient and secure. You can get: 

IP-based communication network enablement, operation and management

Including security and internet connectivity

Infrastructure hardware

Servers, computers, switches, hubs, data centers and routers, build out and set-up

Software applications

CRM, ERP, LOB, productivity and data management applications, etc. implementation and maintenance

Networking hardware

Routers, switches, LAN cards, wireless routers, cables, etc. installation and regular upgrades

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Networking software

Operating systems, network security applications and firewall

Network services

IP addressing, DSL, satellite, T-1 line and wireless protocols

Data storage and management

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

You need your cloud optimized to protect your data, improve your communications, and serve your team and your customers. You can get: 

Cloud computing

Cloud transformation


Data storage and management


Disaster Recovery (DR)


High-Availability to meet Business Continuity requirements

Help desk technical support

For those times when your IT sputters, breaks or fails, you need professional help fast. You’ll get:

Unlimited remote and on-site support

Remote access computer support


24/7 support and ticketing services


Routine tasks and advanced issues resolution

Managed Communications Services

You need better, more secure email and telecommunications options. We’ve got you covered with our hosted email and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business phone solutions. You can get:

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Hosted email solutions (MS Office 365)

  • Safe and secure email communications and data
  • Cloud-based, easy-to-access email
agsdix-fas fa-phone

Installation of new VoIP, cloud-based phone system

  • Crystal-clear call quality 
  • Voicemail and greeting 
  • Call forwarding 
  • Teleconferencing option 
  • Call management 
  • Corporate directories  
  • Unified messaging 
  • Call detail reporting 
  • Call recording and retention 
  • 24/7 phone system monitoring 
  • Desktop and mobile app 

      Structured Data and Network Cabling

      Your cabling infrastructure is essential to the operations of your data, telecommunications, voice, security, VoIP, and many other internet and computer network services. Make sure it’s done right the first time. You can get: 

      Telecommunications (VoIP) and video wiring

      Fiber optic cable


      CAT5 and CAT6 high bandwidth ethernet cables

      Wi-Fi, Camera and Access Control Cabling


      “Kelly and the NTM team are a unit. I can reach out to Kelly directly if I need something. Likewise, there’s a simple little button on our computer that if something’s not functioning well, it sends a message to them. Within about 5 minutes the phone rings and it’s someone from NTM saying, ‘I got your request for support and service. What’s going on? Can you share your screen?’ It’s an instantaneous response.”


      – Michelle M.

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