Keep technology running safely and smoothly

Why wait until someone has to put out your IT fires? We prevent them from happening in the first place.

NTM has been in business for more than 20 years, working with clients to solve IT problems. What does that mean to you? We’ve got you covered.

We provide SafeSecure Managed IT that remains effective both for workers in and out of the office. Your team won’t wait long if issues arise, due to our guaranteed one-hour response time.

SafeSecure Software

  • Monitoring: Our SafeSecure software targets malware, viruses and provides around-the-clock monitoring and alerting, in addition to performing routine maintenance and patching automatically. Data is stored in secure data centers and safely backed up, so our clients can sleep well at night.
  • Expansion: Companies who are on the move to a new office location or expanding are a specialty of ours, with a proven track record of making these moves as smooth as possible without interruptions.
  • Versatility: Both on-site and off-site SafeSecure managed IT options are offered, and both feature the SafeSecure software, which is our most secure anti-virus, anti-malware software developed.


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