Gone are the days when your door is wide open

In today’s world, you need to know what’s going on in your business 24/7.

Do you need comprehensive, integrated physical security options?

Whether you’re in the healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit or cannabis industries or run a multi-location business, you need protection and support to keep your property, inventory, network and data safe from harm.


Do you need HIPAA level security to keep lifesaving patient info protected and confidential?


Do you produce or sell high value inventory making you a desirable target for theft and hackers?


Do you have on-site or online financial assets that need high-level protection?


Do you have multiple locations that need a cohesive strategy and plan to keep your staff and inventory safe?


Does your project or services include the use of hazardous materials?


Are you looking to control access to your office or properties?


Are you looking to keep video documentation of employees for legal, HR, productivity or training purposes?


If so, then you need a customized physical security program.

What is a physical security program 

Because we are always two steps ahead when it comes to protecting you and your business.

We show up every single time to fix, prevent, and solve issues by keeping your long-term needs in mind. In the end, less security and IT problems means more time for your business, your family and your life.

Our SecureGuard Physical Security Program includes:

A Hybrid Property Access Control System

You need control over who enters your facilities every single time. Automate your building’s security and management with our scalable, on-site and cloud-based access control system. Our fully customizable platform integrates with mobile devices and video surveillance cameras. It also offers identity and visitor management options. In addition, you can manage all devices from one platform, see actionable insights in real time and get new features and updates automatically.


On-site access and authorization control system installation


Video surveillance system integration

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Single sign-on (SSO)

People management

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  • Employees and role-based administrator permissions 
  • Contractors and day and time based access 
  • Emergency service providers access and notifications 
  • Occupancy tracking and badge access 


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  • Facility management including Facility lockdown and global view (see what’s happening across all locations) 
  • Health & safety management (perfect for public health risks including COVID-19 screening) 
  • Information technology  
  • Security management  
  • Front of house management 

Visitor entry options

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  • Intercom 
  • Printed badges  
  • Automated sign-in/ sign-out experience  
  • Host notification 
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Identity connector integrations

with Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems

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  • Okta 
  • Microsoft Azure  
  • Active Directory 
  • G-Suite 

Device management

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  • Status monitoring
  • Mobile Pass app
  • Remote and mobile management including
    • Manage access any time and unlock doors from any location
    • View live door activity and recorded video footage
    • Remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to a user’s smartphone
    • Initiate lockdown of door(s) or entire site
    • Arm and disarm alarm panels

Events management

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  • Custom event classification   
  • Tracking 
  • Trend analysis  

Door reader options

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  • Access cards
  • Card readers
  • Keypads
  • Electric lock hardware
  • Access controllers
  • Biometric input
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A variety of API integrations


Data explorer

Data and business intelligence tool

A Cloud-Based Video Surveillance System

You need instant knowledge and insight so you can respond quickly to any threat. This surveillance video system is cybersecurity, accessible via mobile, offers the latest features, scalable and always up to date. This is ideal for multi-location companies because you can view multiple sites on one screen, anytime, anywhere.

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Video surveillance system installation

Reliability and redundancy to ensure security compliance

Single sign-on to view multiple locations

Real-time property viewing

Monitor the daily flow of customers

Ensure employees are meeting all standards

Retention of digital surveillance property records


Setting up custom motion alerts and notifications

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Prevent theft and centralize loss prevention

Easily download and share video with anyone

Record and save videos indefinitely

Add unlimited users to your account


Fully encrypted video and metadata

Intelligent bandwidth management

On-site or cloud video storage


Supports IP and analog cameras

Dedicated iOS and Android mobile app

Fully functional in all browsers


Highly scalable infrastructure


Mobile Pass app

Digital Data & Network Cybersecurity

You need “smart” physical security systems that reliably save and securely store control access data and videos for when you need it most.


Network security for all devices


Data protection and access control protocols

Ongoing, redundant data backups

Encrypted and secure cloud-based storage options

Proactive and preventative maintenance to prevent future issues

Structured Data and Network Cabling

Your cabling infrastructure is essential to the operations of your surveillance video, access control, and data and network security. Make sure it’s done right the first time.


Access control composite cabling


CAT5 and CAT6 high bandwidth ethernet cables


One of the greatest gifts that a lean nonprofit can have is really wonderful, reliable technology with customer service, so that in a pandemic or other times, everything is accessible from via mobile. I can see who’s coming down the hallway to my office. I can see deliveries being made. It’s critical to providing great care to our kids. In our world, it’s a necessity.


– Michelle M.

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