“If I’m working at home, they call me and they’re patient. They fix the problem. They call back to make sure everything’s working. That may be more important than anything because they can fix things quickly. That service is one of the things that makes NTM very special. They pride themselves on it.”


Lawrence Burns, President & CEO, Children’s Foundation

“I can’t compare their customer service to anything I’ve ever experienced. They’re great. The helpdesk is wonderful. They’re so kind and so friendly. They have the patience of a saint. They’re timely and very responsive. Their technicians are very skillful and relate well to their customers. They always give a follow up call. It’s been a really great relationship. It’s really second to none.”

Dina B.

“I just wanted to reach out really quick and let you know how awesome NTM has been! We re-onboarded a new team member within days’ notice and the transition would not have been possible without NTM’s help!”

LeeAnn L.

“The top reason, I love NTM is because they’re invisible. I don’t see, I don’t need, I don’t want to deal with my IT people until it’s an opportunity for me to do something better, faster and stronger than my competition. At the end of the day, it’s almost like you’re heart. You don’t want to have to deal with problems. You just want it to work.”

Nick N.

“One of the greatest gifts that a lean not-for-profit, like us, can have is really wonderful, reliable technology and customer service. Technology is essential for what we do because it makes our programs and services accessible to our kids. Without it, we’re unable to track important things like our supporters and to convey what their donations and support actually means in terms of positive outcomes for our kids. We’re so grateful to have moved forward with NTM because we’re able to do so much more in a shorter amount of time, which ultimately means more children receiving services. The thing I love about NTM is their personal touch. I appreciate a company that takes an interest in the client and wants to be involved. I also really value their attention to detail. Everything from installation to software was top to bottom taken care of. When I asked for a, b and c, I got a, b and c plus e, d, and f. We got more than we even knew we needed! Even in terms of security, before, anyone could just walk into our office. Now, we have a video cam and a buzzer. And really, their immediate response time for troubleshooting IT problems is practically instantaneous. I nearly always have a same day response and often, within the hour. NTM has a passion for what they do and a professionalism for how they do it.”


Michelle M.

“He basically dug us out of a hole. He helped us create an opportunity for our client. There was no internet service available at the location. He brought such an incredible solution to the client that would have taken us quite a while to accommodate. He did it quickly, efficiently and on time. The budget was right where we needed it to be. Everything he committed to, he did and then some. He was just really easy to work with before, during and after the project. We couldn’t have been happier.”

Darlene P.

“My VPN was not connecting, after a brief freak out at 4:15 am, I sent an email to your help desk, and was so pleasantly surprised and grateful when Tim called me at 4:40 am. He was able to quickly diagnose the problem with our connection and rerouted me to the 123.net connection. Boom, I was back in business! TIM IS MY HERO! ”

Jodi W. 

“Kelly and the NTM team are a unit. I can reach out to Kelly directly if I need something. Likewise, there’s a simple little button on our computer that if something’s not functioning well, it sends a message to them. Within about 5 minutes the phone rings and it’s someone from NTM saying, ‘I got your request for support and service. What’s going on? Can you share your screen?’ It’s an instantaneous response.”


Michelle M.

“Working with NTM has been a process which involved a lot of structure change in the beginning. When they evaluated what our systems were, they let us know that the only way for it to work was a massive change and for an upfront investment. I realized that we’d patched things together for about a decade. It wasn’t an easy step to take and to trust that we had to make the investment that was necessary. But at the end of the day, it was something that needed to get done. We spent the money. Building the infrastructure was a good two-to-three-month process before we could actually go live. They were very good at helping us maintain the old system while we were developing what needed to put in the eventual system, they created for us. So, that process, though difficult, was the right process to go through. Once we got the system implemented, there is a significant number of issues at the front end of installing any system. Kelly’s people were there and were on site when they needed to be onsite. They were responsive when we had issues during the first two months of the startup. The whole goal with any kind of a process or start up like this is to understand that you had a nightmare before. You’re not going to have the easiest process to get to where you eventually need to get to. But, when you get there, it’s like the heavens opening up. Everything goes away, all the issues, all the problems.”

Nick N.

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