Violence in the workplace, unfortunately, is an issue that is not going away, with reports of incidents at businesses and even schools around the country continuing to lead to tragic results.

While the causes of these incidents may vary, one thing is consistent: A business can take the proper steps to secure the workplace so such incidents are less likely to happen and damage is minimized. One key step in the path toward maximum employee safety is the continued emergence of new technology to improve security.

High-tech surveillance

Long gone are the days when a business had to review grainy video on a VHS tape to see what was happening at their workplace. It’s all digital now, and video feeds can be monitored and stored online, at all times.

Another innovative move is the trend toward pairing entry badges with the camera system, so you can see exactly who is coming and going at all times. If an employee badge is swiped, you’ll be able to see that a different person is using the badge just by monitoring your video. Alerts can also be set up to warn you of possible situations relating to building access.

These type of advances in technology get rid of some of the loopholes criminals may have been able to exploit in the past.

Protect internally
A stranger or disgruntled customer is not always going to be the person who turns violent. While that may be true on some occasions, the reality is that often the threat will come from someone you know and trust.

It could be a family member unhappy about a domestic situation, or an angry co-worker taking out their frustrations. These people would already have access to the building, so what can be done in that scenario to keep things as safe as possible?

The solution is the create safe zones internally. Remotely controlled systems can be set up to have office doors close and lock, or parts of an office building can get closed off remotely.

While you never want to have to use them, these internal safe zones can potentially save lives in the most serious of circumstances, and should be considered by businesses committed to employee safety.

Physical security is key
Managed service providers like NTM offer multiple package options for access control and video surveillance to fit various-sized businesses, so keeping your employees adequately safe doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive.

In the end, whatever business you are in, nothing matters more than the safety of your employees. Having a strong, high-tech surveillance system is a critical part of an IT plan, and can keep you prepared for even a worst-case scenario in the workplace, especially with the advances in today’s technology.

Kelly Siegel is CEO of National Technology Management (NTM), 30400 Telegraph Road, Suite 116, in Bingham Farms. He has been in the IT consulting business for 21 years and saved businesses millions of dollars by streamlining their technology systems. NTM can be reached at 248-658-0829, and Siegel can be reached via email at