For comprehensive security protection, your physical and cybersecurity strategies must work hand in hand like they’re besties.

First, we’d like to briefly explain what physical security entails.

What is physical security?

Physical security are the measures used to protect buildings and the equipment they contain. One of its primary purposes is to control who gets and doesn’t get access to your building and equipment. Basically, it ensures that your technology, data and team remain safe and prevents theft, vandalism, fraud and even accidents.

A successful physical security program combines technology and specialized hardware, i.e., control access and video surveillance systems. In addition, it addresses emergency response readiness, power and fire protection and even a COVID-19 control plan.

As you’re probably aware, cybersecurity threats are continually increasing in both complexity and number.

The reason this matters, when it comes to physical security, is that advanced physical security solutions are built on digital technologies including the cloud, i.e., cloud-based video surveillance systems.

This has both pros and cons. It’s great for flexibility and scalability. For example, if you’re a multi-location business owner looking for a streamlined way to monitor and protect your properties and team while managing it remotely. It’s not so great if you don’t already have strong cybersecurity strategies in place. For example, if an off the shelf anti-virus software is the extent of your current cybersecurity protection.

These days, its simply not enough to focus solely on one and not the other.

You need an integrated cyber-physical approach, otherwise your data can quickly model a flimsy house of cards. One day it’s there, then gone the next.

The overlap between physical and cyber security is real. For example, an online data breach for a company that uses smart building technologies could enable criminals to remotely disable or monitor video security surveillance feeds.

Or if said “bad actors” physically breached the smart building, they could access and steal digital assets to fuel more online criminal activity.

According to Security Magazine, “Cybersecurity directly impacts physical security and vice versa.”

The blending of digital technologies into physical security measures, despite they’re incredible benefits, do offer criminals more opportunities to play with. The biggest part of their playbook is to take business owners off guard, to hit them when or where they’re least expecting it.

The future of cyber-physical security is already here and demanding a unified approach.

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